For decades LarkFest has been a welcomed event in Albany. This year will be the first time since 9/11 that LarkFest will be canceled, and local businesses expect to suffer financial losses.

If you’ve ever attended one of these events you know that LarkFest usually draws thousands of attendees to Lark Street, and the festival was scheduled for September 26. All of that has changed due to COVID-19, and the financial losses will be painful.

LarkFest usually draws droves of attendees and with their attendance, they usually bring big dollars into the area. The festival is usually one of those things that vendors can count on to bring in lots of cash. Needless to say, the cancellation of the event this year is causing major losses for local businesses.

Bruce Edmonds of Dreamers Cafe’ says he is heartbroken. He said, “With everything going on right now it’s kind of nerve-racking. And you can do without maybe not the LarkFest but there’s five others that will happen. And the outside seating is a big help.”

Struggling business owners will have to find another way to bounce back after the big loss of LarkFest. Most businesses feel it’s not impossible to do, but it will make things more difficult

This is just another one of the things currently being harmed by this dreadful disease. Life is very different for everyone in 2020. Hopefully, with science and dedication from the citizens of our country, we can get our lives back to some form of normalcy, and businesses will begin to thrive once again.

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