Terry Crews, what are you doing sir?

Not supporting a black woman who stood up for you, that’s for sure. Dude is got his ass handed to him yesterday by tweeting outrageous comments in response to him being the new face for America’s Got Talent and not standing behind Gabrielle Union who got fired for standing up for what she believed in. America’s Got Talent has been under fire ever since Nick Cannon left, there’s been accusations of racism and sexism within the network and the minute you speak up about it, you are fired. That’s what happened to Gabby.

So let’s back track a minute as to why Terry is losing major points right now. It wasn’t too long ago when Terry came out during the #METOO movement admitting to being sexually assaulted. Folks were clowning Terry who is known to be brolic and a strong character, so people was like “how did you LET that happen to you?” As if strong people can’t be sexually groped or touched. In any event, Gabrille Union supported Terry while he was being clowned.

Now that the tables are reversed and she needs support for taking a stand, he basically went on Twitter saying he didn’t care and the only person he needs to be concerned about is his wife.

SMH come on now Terry, not a good look bruh. Gabrielle wasn’t letting that slide, she responded via twitter as well:

Hopefully down the line they can patch this up and clear the air in person. Basically Terry Crews is a sell-out, he won’t last long on NBC watch.

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