Today's Hot Topic comes from a woman who is having an issue with her boyfriend. She has recently started a relationship with a man who she feels is alienating her from his family. Should she be concerned?

"I met a man that is beautiful inside and out we have been dating for about a year. He is 13 years my elder but i have always had relationships with older men and we vibe on so many levels. Last year we spent Christmas just him and me out of state this year.

We thought with all of the COVID-19 restrictions that it would be better to just spend Christmas on a resort with just the two of us. This year he has already stated that he wants to go out of state but hopefully, the world will open back up and I want to spend half the day with my family and half the day with his family.

He agreed to go to my family's but said he didn't want to go to his, when I asked why he never gave me a direct answer he seemed irritated. I have a feeling something is up not sure what it is but I feel something is sketchy."

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There are a couple of red flags in this situation, maybe he has issues with his family that are embarrassing or he just doesn't want to discuss them with her. I think she will find out why with time. Or maybe he just isn't that invested in her yet to want to introduce her to his family.

Either way, the only way she will find out is with time. What do you think let's discuss this afternoon? Check-in with The Supreme Experience 3p - 7p for this Hot Topic.

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