Another day another Hot Topic, this woman has a problem with her boyfriend not posting her on his social media accounts. Should she make a big deal about it or just keep it moving? Here is what she had to say:

"Here is what I have going on. I have been seeing my boyfriend for over a year.  He was hurt badly by a previous relationship.  I’m afraid he will never get over it and he shows his insecurity in the strangest ways.

Now he doesn’t want to show anyone on his social media anything about me. His close friends and family know about me. But that's it. He posts everything else about his life except for me. 

We could be at dinner and he will post his food, and/or friends and tag the restaurant but not me. I won’t even be featured and I’m sitting right next to him.

He won't even take one with me for my own social media.  He says it’s cause it’s nobody’s business.  But I think he is either hiding something or is embarrassed by me. 

The simple fact that he won't take a photo with me hurts my feelings...what do you think, am I reading too much into this?"

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Here is what I think, I feel like she is reading way too much into this entire situation. People are different and react to and interact on social media differently. Some people just don’t put their relationships on blast on social media. It’s embarrassing when things don’t work out and you have a different person plastered all over your page every other year. These social media pages are full of people who have known your man way before you two had any dealings with each other.

I don’t think social media is a place for people that your just dating, Posting significant others should only be reserved for serious relationships or marriage. I live by the motto "If you're not married your single" so relax and let your relationship develop with time.

People of a certain age have watched social media develop and for some of us it's not that serious. Worry about your real-life relationship and not what is posting on the messy world of social media.

That's just what I think, I would love to hear your opinion check in on this Hot Topic during The Supreme Experience call in at 518-370-9910 or you can send us a message inside the Hot 991 App so I can read your advice on the air 3p -7p on Hot 991.

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