Summer is quickly approaching, and summer usually means that it’s travel time. After being cooped up for a whole year because of COVID-19, are you ready to getaway?

For most people, summer means vacation time with fun in the sun. Although many people traveled last summer, most people were stuck at home because we were in the midst of this horrible pandemic, COVID-19.

After dealing with COVID-19 for more than a year, we all know a lot more about the disease than we did last year. We know that safety measures can be implemented to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. We know that wearing a mask, social distancing, and good hand hygiene are pretty effective in keeping ourselves healthy.

We also have a new tool in the toolbox of prevention that we did not have last year. We now have three vaccines that are available to those who want them, at no cost.

In most states mask mandates have been lifted for those who are vaccinated. Health officials still recommend that those who are not vaccinated continue to wear masks.

Although most restrictions have been lifted, we are still getting some very good news. Statistics show that the number of COVID cases in the United States has decreased drastically, even with the mandates lifted. Governor Cuomo released some pretty good numbers yesterday. He says that key metrics have dropped for 65 days in a row. The weekly positivity average is down to 0.48%.

Even though the numbers are moving in the right direction, the COVID-19 virus is not completely gone. We have to remember that people are still getting sick and some are dying from the disease.

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With such good news about the drop in positivity rates, I am very tempted to hit the road and enjoy some summer fun. What about you, are you ready to travel yet?

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