Today’s Hot Topic comes from a woman who is involved in a same-sex relationship and is worried about her parent’s reaction.

Today's topic comes from a female listener,

I get it, everyone is different and we all have our own pace. Like most women, throughout my childhood I've been expected to meet the right man, date him, he asked me to marry him, then have a baby just like my mom, aunts and cousins And everything is supposed to just "fall into place”..

I’m 33 now and I can't help but hear the whispers of family members as they snicker about either it's been so long since I’ve dated or that I'm never going to get married or that I still stay at home with my parents. And now here I am. I met the most amazing woman 50 days ago. We get along perfectly, have many similar hobbies, and we introduced each other to new hobbies. She taught me so much about love and how to really love myself.

What I am doing is not accepted in this household. This is something I could never talk to my parents about being that my father is heavy in the church and my mom is on every board. I am grown and don’t feel I should be sneaking around. We talked about marriage and all of the drama that is going to come from me telling my family. Tuesday and she gave me a promise ring on Wednesday. She said it’s not an engagement but just a promise ring, a promise that we will be together. I know I love her and I want to be with her, but how do I make this work?

My mama and daddy will never accept this or her. Can you give me some advice?

DJ Supreme's Response

Do you live your life for yourself or for others? That is the question you should really ask yourself. This sounds like your willing to accept a same-sex relationship but you're afraid of others' approval. Are you in a relationship for yourself or other's approval?

I think your problem is deeper than this relationship you have self-esteem issues that supersede your sexuality. You should work on yourself before seeking a relationship with a male or female. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like you don’t know what you want to do. It all starts with self anyone who questions what they want to do based on the reactions of others isn’t ready for a relationship let alone a same-sex relationship.

Don’t drag this woman into your problem of accepting and knowing yourself. It is 2021, you're a middle-aged woman, it's really no one else’s business what you decide to do. Do some soul searching before you get serious with this woman because it seems like you are not comfortable with other's opinions.


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