Another Hot Topic about a relationship, from a female listener who is interested in a "friend" who is in a long-distance relationship that also happens to be the godfather to her two sons.

Here is today's HOT Topic, (unedited)

Okay, Supreme so I’ve got a little situation I want to ask your opinion on the radio. I have a male friend who I have known for about 5 years but we have grown very close for the last two-plus years. Basically, we talk and text daily, I trust him with my personal business, and he’s a great mentor to my sons (I named him their Godfather).

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He is currently in a long-distance relationship but he is sleeping with several other women. He is your typical man whore and we joke about it all the time. But I find myself having thoughts of him all the time. I don’t want to tell him that I’m into him and ruin our friendship cause that could run him away and take him away from my son’s. Even though I have never been the type of person to sit back and not say a word, except for this time.

I feel like he might hurt me because I see how he runs through different women and relationships, but I feel like our friendship wouldn’t allow him to do me as he does them. I know he cares for me, but how much is the question? As a man how would you take your female friend telling you she is interested in you?

Signed, I’m interested and he doesn’t even know it

DJ Supreme Response;

Where do we start on this one? Most if not all friendships between men and women that aren’t rooted in a business interest or a hobby aren’t real friendships. I’m going to generalize even though I know a lot of people will get upset or try to deny me letting the cat out of the bag. Almost 99% of the time someone will have ulterior motives in the “friendship”.

It sounds like you weren’t being a genuine friend from the beginning you don’t just develop feelings for a friend you should’ve shot your shot 2 years ago. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have been friend-zoned the only women single men generally friend zone are ones they don’t find attractive. Usually, if a man takes on the responsibility of being a child's God Parent they aren't interested in the parent. That's also is extremely disrespectful to your son's father.

Your friend knows you like him he isn’t interested in you he has no problem cheating on his long-distance girlfriend and has no problem telling you all about his conquest.

If you have other motivations for being this man’s friend you will forever find yourself still wanting him while he continues to play games with other women. Until he finds the woman he eventually wants to settle down with. This will leave you seeking something you can never have and waste a lot of time. Move on find someone who really likes you for you.

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