Another Hot Topic comes from a female listener and is unedited. She is feeling insecure in her relationship because her partner has more relationship experience than her.

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Here is what she wrote (unedited)

Dear Supreme,

I waited to find the right guy and now that I am in my relationship, my insecurities about his past and his exes are ruining the relationship and I always compare my relationship to that of my friends.  I’m 25 and I don’t have any previous sexual experience. This is all new to me I also do not have any romantic or dating past. This is where things get tricky because my man is the complete opposite of me, he is in his late thirties and has been with a lot of women.

Honestly, I am committed to being in this relationship. After a year of dating, he proposed to me and I y really don't want to give up on us. I feel like there are many lessons in love and relationships that I have not learned. I keep thinking everything is supposed to be perfect and when it doesn’t match what is in my head I start to panic and wonder if we are right for each other.

What advice can everyone give me that will help me in my relationship?

DJ Supreme’s Response

Wow… I’m confused about how someone can be committed to a relationship but want to date other people to get relationship experience?

It sounds like this woman doesn’t want to be in a relationship or not. I don’t think relationship experience is really a factor if a relationship was meant to be everything will work out effortlessly. It has nothing to do with more dating experience, there is no cure for this but to break up with this man and decide what you ultimately want.

Here is the truth about relationships they aren't perfect.  If you feel the need to date other people then you are wasting time. This isn’t fair to you or him, make up your mind on what you want before becoming involved in a serious relationship.

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