Another Hot Topic about a relationship, this man is dating a woman who is married that is also dating another man and he wants her to end their relationship so they can date exclusively.

Today’s topic comes from a male listener,(unedited)

Hey what’s up DJ Supreme I have a hot topic and I am in need of some advice and hope your listeners can offer me some insight. Here is what I have going on. Last Fall I met this woman on a dating app we really hit it off.

The conversations online were great we graduated to phone calls and eventually started dating. Keep in mind I was only a few months removed from a relationship. I am really enjoying being single and had a rotation of women I date also. She is married but currently separated from her hubby she was also talking to one guy online but he ended up ghosting her.

I don’t know why I decided to ask her what she was looking for she said “I don’t know, I’m just enjoying dating” aka “I been married and bottled up so I’m trying to enjoy myself”. I'm not mad at it, it just allowed me to know upfront that we were adding each other to our rotations, nonverbal acknowledgment obviously.

This was when we first met so let's fast forward. She still is talking to the guy who ghosted her and they are going on a year talking. She was open and honest with him about me and they eventually met and hook up every not and again.

He has given her an ultimatum he wants her to dump me and just be with him. I’m not trying to pressure her to do anything because she is 1) married, 2) finding her comfort zone 3) ultimatums are weak AF, so I just enjoy my moments she grants and keep it moving especially since I canceled my rotation and gave her the rose.

She admits she loves me and will not stop seeing me to make him happy because I make her happy, but she cannot leave him alone either.

So I’m asking for advice from listeners on what I should do, should I just let things burn because she clearly likes/loves this man and his toxic behavior, or should I follow my feelings and keep enjoying what we have? Thanks and anxiously awaiting responses.

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Here is DJ Supreme's response:

Wow... both of you guys are TRIPPING. This woman is married and both of you are playing into her game.   How do you give a married woman an ultimatum to cut off other guys when she is legally married?

The only person who can give her any choice is her husband.  It seems like she is using both of you guys as leverage or maybe to get even with her husband.  There is no way you should be competing with another man over a married woman.  A lot of times men will get into competition over women who are not even worth it.  Let this woman divorce her husband and then come back around if it is meant to work out it will.  Her other boy toy sounds controlling and will eventually try to fight with you, physically or mentally.

It's not worth it there are plenty of single women in the world. Why fight with her husband and her other boy toy? This sounds extremely messy she should get herself together before she dates anyone.  Keep me updated but don't say I didn't warn you.

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