Another Hot Topic comes from a co-parenting situation where a new partner is upset about a piercing.

Today's topic comes from a male lister, (unedited)

Hey, Supreme I have a dilemma I would like some help with my 7-year-old son who has been begging to get his ears pierced. So I took him yesterday on for his birthday. He got a stud in his left ear when it heals I will get him a diamond earring. Today I find out my ex's new boyfriend of 7 months is mad that he got his ears pierced.  I explained to my ex that my boy wanted it really bad and for him to voice his displeasure is not supporting my son and only confusing him.  Am I right or wrong to think that he has no place to be mad or anything even if they're together for eight years???

Dj Supreme’s Response :

Wait? What? This guy has only been around for 7 months and he has the audacity to comment on what you do with your 7-year-old son? This is very disrespectful and should stop immediately. I feel like your ex is the origin of the disrespect because she should’ve told him to mind his business before coming back to you with his commentary on what you are doing with your son.

The best thing to do would be to address this with her before this type of disrespect escalates. Depending on her response, you should have a conversation with him and let him know to keep his commentary on what you do with your son to himself. A lot of times people overstep boundaries when dating single parents. Boundaries need to be set and respected if your ex wants to continue a relationship with this man.

You deserve respect as a father, and any decent partner would understand and respect these boundaries. The best practice is to be direct and nip these types of comments in the bud before it goes too far. Coparenting is already difficult enough without anyone adding their opinion on something that really has nothing to do with them.

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The only people who should decide on your son getting his ear pierced are his mother and his father. I hope this works out for you because it seems like you are making your best effort to co-parent and be a loving father to your son keep up the great work.

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