Phubbing is real and it's affecting all of our lives including mine. A third of people in relationships have been "phubbed" before. That's when the other person ignores you or doesn't hear you, because they're so focused on their phone. Put your phone down, here are 7 alarming ways to figure out if you have an obsession with your cell phone.

According to You Gov

1. 49% of people say they'd pay more attention to what was going on around them if they didn't have their phone. 20% say they wouldn't. Everyone else was on the fence.

2. Would you focus better in general without your phone? 43% said yes, 24% said no.

3. Would you feel anxious, because you wouldn't be able to instantly communicate with people? 44% said they would.

4. Would you feel any sense of RELIEF if you didn't have your phone for the day? Only 29% said yes 34% said no and 37% weren't sure.

5. Would you feel weird without your phone, because you wouldn't know what to do? 22% said that yes, they would.

6. How often do you leave the house without your phone? 67% said rarely or never . . . 22% said every now and then . . . only 8% said regularly . . . and 2% said they never take their cell phone anywhere.

7. When you're at home and walk to a different room, do you usually bring your phone with you? That one was 50/50. Half of people said yes, and half said no.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions your are definitely addicted to your phones. I have recently dedicated to keeping my screen down to 4 hours a day. Currently I'm at a disappointing 8 hours a day. I'll keep you updated on my progress over the next couple of weeks.

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