Do you want to make a statement? Well go outside right now and smash your TV, sounds stupid right? Well, that’s exactly what some right-wing protesters are doing.

I love it! If you are that mad about what is being said on TV or the radio the best thing to do is to go outside right now and smash your TV. That's exactly what these right-wing big dummies are doing, they are smashing their TVs to protest “fake news.”

People have come to the conclusion that the best solution to fake news is to go outside and break their own belongings. What this does to combat the mainstream news being fake, I have no idea.

How does one determine what is “fake news?" If you aren’t around to witness whatever is going on, you're getting someone else's perspective. That perspective might not match up with the perspective of the person who witnessed the actual event. So there will be misinformation in any reporting of anything because the reporters weren’t there.

I get the fake news concerns but breaking your own things isn’t the answer. What does this solve? Pretty soon no one will believe anything between the misinformation on the news and social media. These people do have a worthwhile concern.

While these videos are entertaining, I like watching people break stuff especially their own things. This is just stupid, besides our personal entertainment what are you proving. They tried to justify the smashing of the TV’s saying the internet is the only news they will need, but most of the reporting on the internet is driven by web clicks.

Guys and girls, I’m sorry I don’t see any type of purposeful protest going on here, all I see is a bunch of Big Dummies that need a new TV.

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