Here is another Hot Topic for you to comment on, a single Dad checked in to ask about his current dating situation ship with a single mom and yes it is (unedited) check out what he had to say below:


Yo DJ Supreme,

I just want a little advice from you ladies and gents if that's alright?   I've been with someone for 6 months now, I'm a single dad of two and she's a single mom of two. When we first got together her son never used to go to his Dad's I've been told that was his Dad's decision, but over the last month or two, he's been going with his sister to their father's house every other weekend.

This would happen when my children see their Mom so we started to get each other weekend to ourselves.  It has been good to get some us time, but last week something happened and unfortunately for my children, they can't see their mom until further notice.

Now because of this, my partner is saying that she thinks this is going to be a massive struggle in our relationship because we won't get us time as much as we used to p.s. we both work full time so seeing each other can be a struggle mainly once in the week then over the weekends.

She's saying she can already feel herself pulling out of the relationship. I told her that it's no different to before when her son didn't go to his dad's and to be honest the only reason I think he is going now is that he finds me to be a threat so he wants to do more with his son now. Once or twice a month my family has my girls just so I can do what I like to do but even that isn't good enough for her and is now debating whether or not she wants this relationship. Should I wait and see What happens or should I break my own heart before she does?

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DJ Supreme's Response :
This situation sounds incredibly shifty. This woman isn't willing to accommodate you being a single father so your kids come first and your decision shouldn't even be a question. My advice to you she needs to go immediately there is no future with her.

You and she may have had some good times but your children come first. It seems like she is using this as an excuse to move on as well. If you don't get the message she will view you as weak and continue to play games with you.

Any person that dates a single parent should come into the relationship knowing their partner's children will be the priority. This goes for single mothers and single fathers, there are too many grown people out here with childhood trauma as a result of people putting their love/lust life before raising their children. Her response would make me question who she is as a person and mother to even make your children an issue.  

Children are the greatest gift and investment you have in life so pour that time you would've spent chasing this ungrateful woman into your two children, they need you.

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