The latest challenge that has swept the nation is the #bussitchallenge inspired by Erica Banks hit single Buss It, the challenge is when a woman is dress "regular" then camera drops and she switches into more sexy attire. I got an email about a woman whose 3 year relationship ended because she posted a #bussitchallenge. Here is what she had to say:

Hey Whats Up Supreme

Me and My Boyfriend just broke up right before Valentine's Day. I saw your post about cute couples and I was thinking about sending our picture in before but now it is a dub. MY BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME! He actually broke up with me over the buss it challenges which I think is very petty….

Let me give you the run down, the ex and me were together for 3 years and had talked about getting engaged recently. The relationship was fine in my opinion until last week. I posted a BUSS IT challenge on the gram. I had my girl come over and do my make up and wore a G string bikini, I wanted to go viral. One of his friends sent the post to him and he lost it. He told me I was disrespectful and if I wanted to be a THOT online I should just be single.

I laughed the whole situation off and thought he was just being ridiculous because we have had similar conversations about the content I post. When he met me he knew I model from time to time and post my body on my page. We had a similar beef about a twerking video I posted a while back. It's 2021 there is nothing wrong with a woman showing a little skin. I’ve never cheated on my man and have been faithful ignoring guys some famous that have approached me online. What is the big deal? I would think a man would be proud to have something that no one else could have.

Valentines Day is right around the corner and I honestly miss my boyfriend. Was I wrong for posting like I always have or is he too traditional he is 10 years my elder? I don’t think he understands the ways of the world and he is being unreasonable. Should I give up my online presence and just start dressing and acting like middle-aged woman? I hoped to marry this man and now I’m back to the street because of a simple video? It's actually the most-watched video on my page with 20k views I would think he would be proud.

I think your WRONG, personally I don’t want everyone to see what should be a private moment between me and my significant other. Now I will look at others #bussitchallenges, but for my wife or family members, it's a strong no for me. You literally posted a video of you in bra and a g string panties and emulated sexual moves online for his friends, family, and everyone else to see. The fact his friend sent it to him makes it even more embarrassing.

My advice for you would be to mature, talk to some women over the age of 50. Your looks aren't forever and they will fade away what will you be left with? There will be no more buss it challenges because no one will want to see their granny doing that. If this man was serious about marriage most men don’t want to put their wives on display like a sex worker.

I don’t know if you have kids, also most men don’t want their children’s mother on display like this either. Classy always win when you're trying to be in serious monogamous relationships, and a lot of what we see online lacks class. The online post will give you plenty of meaningless attention in the form of likes. Your relationship problem isn’t about the buss it challenges, it is about your need for attention outside of your relationship. You should probably apologize to him and attempt to make up by deleted anything on your page that isn’t classy.

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