Another Hot Topic this time a woman wrote in about her kid's father who is having a rough time financially and he comes to her house to steal all the loose change and raid her refrigerator.


Today's topic comes from a female lister,(unedited) :

Hey Supreme, I have a dilemma I would like to discuss for a Hot Topic. I don’t think I’m wrong but here is what I’m on. My baby daddy lost his job almost a year ago when coronavirus first started. He has been broke since the baby was born and he hasn't done anything for my baby and the baby is now 1 year old.

So he comes to my house and says he want to see his baby then I say no problem. What I don't like that while he is here he picks up every coin he sees in my house and wants to go in my refrigerator.

I told him not to come to my house again because I saw that is his intention for coming here is not to see the baby he comes when he is hungry and has nothing to eat. I told him that I can't feed both the baby and him. Am I wrong for not letting come to my house to see the baby?


Dj Supreme’s Response :

I think this is incredibly petty. It seems like a lot of women-only date when there is fair weather. What I mean is that you chose to have a baby with this man the least you could do is let him pick up your spare change.

I know a lot of women will think that I’m wrong but why is the worth of a man dependent on how much money he makes? There was obviously something that made you want to procreate with this man. If it's that much of a problem for him to eat your leftovers and pick up your spare change, then drop your child off to him when he wants to visit.

There is a huge double standard when it comes to finances between men and women. Do you think your child’s father would let you starve? I don’t think he would do that, he just seems like he is going through a tough time and the least you could do is give him your leftovers and spare change. I guess there is truly a thin line between love and hate.  This seems hateful and extremely petty, help the man out. For you to assume he doesn't want to see his baby doesn't even seem rational.

What goes around comes around and no one should be made to feel less because they aren’t financially stable.  Especially to the point where you don't let him see his kid.  What do you think should she prohibit him from visiting until he is financially stable?



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