No Casual Sex
Are you still hooking up during the pandemic? You're brave. If you are social distancing, that means no new sex partners. If you're not in a committed relationship, this might be the time to get to know yourself better.
Although I’ve seen a few young rappers still accepting “Pull Ups," a dating …
Vote For Your State
State officials announced a competition for residents to vote on one of five potential designs for New York State license plates. The current plate design – “Empire Gold” – dates to 2010
Continuing The Conversation
With all the news of police violating people locally and nationally, there are people within the community and law enforcement, that would like to come up with permanent solutions.
How Much For Your Bae?
A man put up an ad for someone to purchase his girlfriend on Ebay as part of a prank and actually got people to bid up to 119,000
Generation Next
Generation Next is back during the week. Listen to The Supreme Experience weeknights around 6:30 for the hottest independent artist in the state of New York. This is a battle to see who has the buzz in the state. Tonight's featured artist are both from Albany and both have heaters...
Uber Vs Lyft
At the end of the month, ride-sharing will be implemented throughout the Capital Region. There was so much debate about whether the service would even be allowed in the Capital Region.
Now that the decision has been to allow ride-sharing there is so much anticipation for ride-sharing before it …
Where Does Downtown Albany Start ?
I saw this online and it made me think: "Where does downtown Albany start and end?" If you're not from Albany and you ask people who were born and raised in Albany, they will all give you different answers.
If someone says "I live downtown," people tend to thi…
Top 10 High Schools In The Capital Region
How does your child's school add up there was a survey by Niche (education data website) to rank the schools in the capital region. The ranking is based on many factors including but not limited to teacher tenure, student-teacher ratio and student and parent ratings of teachers...
Is Hillary A Hypocrite ?
Is Hillary Clinton a hypocrite for liking Beyonce? Trump supporter Betty Mc Caughy thinks so, Hillary Clinton has come out and said she is a huge Beyonce' fan. Now Betty is trying to compare Beyonce's song lyrics to the derogatory things Donald Trump was caught saying about women last week…
What’s Up G
So over the weekend I came across some old photos of someone I no longer affiliate with.Memories of that time began to flood my mind both good and horrible!
I remember how this person went out of their way to embarrass, belittle and tried to turn my friends into my enemies. I a...

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