State officials announced a competition for residents to vote on one of five potential designs for New York State license plates. The current plate design – “Empire Gold” – dates to 2010, was a throwback to the state’s license plate designs of yesteryear. A lot of people aren't feeling the change, controversy brewed due to the design of the plate itself and a $25 reissue fee – thus New York officials at the time allowed motorists who had the prior design  “Empire State” to keep their plates.

It seems like the plates are only good for the government, I'm sure they will make a lot of money off of the fees associated with the updated plates.  Also, a lot of people are concerned that don't want to use the electronic tolling system.   I have had billing issues with EZ pass in the past.  They should update the system before making this mandatory.  The new plates will be available starting in April 2020.

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