I saw this conversation on Reddit and it is interesting how some people can go through life being scared of everything. The topic was about the bad side or bad part of town in Albany.

Albany isn't that bad in my opinion. I'm not saying that there is no crime or criminal activity, generally, if you mind your own business and stay out of the way you will be fine in Albany, NY. Most of the comments are from people who are simply scared of poverty some of the comments are based on racism and stereotypes. With that being said what would you consider the "Bad Side" of Albany?

I would say the worst part of Albany is more about the commuter-centric build of it all. A legacy of constructing the state campuses, 787, empire State Plaza, etc.: state workers who come in from out of town, college kids who come from out of town, then leave.


There are parts I wouldn't want to live in. And parts where I wouldn't walk alone at night. But even "the worst" parts of the city are fine to walk through during the day. It's a pretty safe place.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Don't live on any street where the street name has a number in it. After that, we can get specific.

And for all my second ave homies, who lived there growing up damn near 40 years ago, shit's changed.


All depends on your perspective; when I told workmates I was moving to Manson Hill most acted like I was going to be dodging drive-bys every other day - in reality, it is one of the "rougher" hoods, but my wife and I have never felt unsafe raising our kids here.


The "bad" neighborhoods in Albany appear to be around par with some of the nicer neighbors of my native Chicago. Edit: re: crime, that is... Mansion Hill and most of the South End is Beautiful, but quite run down, trash on the sidewalks, etc.

Here is the best comment in my opinion "Crime happens anywhere you let your guard down"

Crime literally happens anywhere. Crime statistics are skewed and should be taken very lightly. You will always find high crime rates in heavier populated areas due to there being more people than resources. Also if there are more police officers in one area vs another there will be more crime reported. If 5 officers patrol loudonville and only 1 patrol arbor hill, there will be a higher crime stat in loudonville. I used to live off New Scotland , an area considered "the nice part of albany" and we had two people get shot in the head walking alone at night and a women get dragged into a man's house (you can imagine what he was trying to do) but she escaped.
Some may say Arbor Hill, the place isn't as bad as they think (I work and used to live there). Some people correlate safety with letting down your guard and doing things that, within a city setting, would lack common sense.

With all that being said in the comments what would you consider the "Bad Side" of Albany? I think the question should be is Albany really that bad?

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