Dj Biz’s top 5 music picks.
These are songs that you definitely need in your playlist. Not only are they in heavy radio rotation, but they are also some of the most highly requested songs in the clubs.
GHerbo x KeishaRenee
Finally got a chance to sit down and catch a vibe with Chicagos very own Gherbo, whos name has been ringing bells since early 2010. Very humble and smart guy with a great head on his shoulders, for sure a head of his time.
We talked about his up bringing and what he would probably be doing if it wasn…
Who’s Hot: Jay Sway x Nick Ventura
Up and coming artist Jay Sway518 and his good friend Nick Ventura  who is a financial advisor stopped by the Hot 991 studios to talk about music and how important it is for artists and people in general to handle there finances .
Jay Sway who is originally born in Russia came to the states when …
Who’s Hot: Suave The Don
Up and coming artist Suave The Don from Lansingburgh NY just dropped his first EP " Matter Of Grind". Its a 9 track album with features from Lougotcash , Eazy Swindles and Austin Awake. Suave dropped the album February 11th and it can now be streamed on all platforms...
Who Is The Hottest Underground Artist?
I love discovering and finding new artists that have a dope delivery, flow and presence when it comes to music. I am a true believer that underground music sometimes sounds better than the music we hear on the radio. I enjoy watching artists grow through there music and performances...
Artist Submit Music For Who’s Hot Podcast
Every Saturday night we lit on Hot 99.1 playing the hottest underground music in the 518 and around. Sing, Rap, or do both and wanna see how the 518 rates your music? Submit clean radio music using the form below. Saturday nights, find out who's hot and on the come up with Keisha Renee kicking …
Who’s Really Hot? VOTE!
The first episode of " Who's Hot" podcast aired this past Saturday . Vote now for your favorite tracks to be played during The Supreme Experience and with DJ Show inside there daily mixes. Also If you missed it check out the link below.
Who’s Hot Episode 1 Recap
Its official Who's Hot podcast kicked off this past Saturday night and it was EVERYTHING. Great feed back on how the showed aired and the songs and artist that was featured on the podcast. If you missed it check out the link below.
1) Jelly Man- Drip
2) CASH- In Da Loop
3)Jamie Ray - DollaSign
4) Jeezus…
“Trip”: Ella Mai’s or Jaquees’?
If you were lucky enough to get a hold of Jacquees' version before the cease and desist, congratulations. You can't find it ANYWHERE on the net.
Some say that Jacquees' version of the Ella Mai track was taken down only because "Jacquees' version is better", and not because of legalities bet…
Wiz Khalifa Answers Stoner Questions
Wiz Khalifa is always a good interview he always seems to be in a good mood and is really open about his life and his artistry. Don't miss Wiz Khalifa when he comes to Capital Region for the Blazed and Tour.
Netflix Fires PR For Using N-Word [VIDEO]
Shyy lets us know all about it.
Now you remember back in February when artist and comedian Monique, asked for a boycott on Netflix for being racist and biased for not paying her. She thought she deserved for her Netflix special. Now they have recently let go of their 6-year connection chief Jonthan F…
Here Is A Complete List BET Award Winners
If you missed the BET Awards last night you missed a great show, but no need to worry the show will air all July on BET. There were a few surprises and of course technical difficulties but overall the show was good.

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