A video is circulating on social media with Yung Joc driving for a ride share program to make extra cash.  But you got these uppity chicks who needed a ride telling Yung Joc – “oh you must’ve fell off.”  Dude sounded like he was already feeling down when he replied “why not, just making some extra cash downtown”.  When getting your side hustle on goes bad! 

This reminds me of when social media tried to clown dude Geoffrey Owens from the Cosby show for working at Traders Joe’s.  Dude ended up quitting because he was so embarrassed and then went on to get picked up for more acting gigs.  There is more to life than stardom and celebrity status.  It doesn’t last forever for a lot of people and they have to generate income somehow.  We tend to forget that celebrities are people just like us.  Why do folks think because you are celebrity you are always going to have cash flow.  We have no idea if his cash flow is low, maybe he saving for something, maybe he trying to stay out of trouble.  Whatever it is, let him GRIND! 

Some women are funny, they yell at you for not having a job and then when you get one if it’s not the right one you will get clowned.  I know several people who make good money driving for Uber/Lyft, don’t let what people think about you matter when you getting your hustle on…you grinding for a purpose. 

Props to Yung Joc, don’t pay them females no mind. 

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