Only three months left until the 2019 year is over and getting your music on the radio is a must. If you think you got the hottest song in the streets and it’s a certified hit, then send your music to the link below for your song to be considered for The Who’s Hot Show with Keisha Renee on Saturday nights.

Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images


1) Song must be clean (no cursing)

2) Must send track in a MP3 format

3) Song must be HOT

KeishaRenee Presents " Who's Hot Podcast"

The new Saturday night show hosted by KeishaRenee will showcase the hottest underground music,with interviews from some of the hottest up and coming artists along with recapping the weeks gossip. Submit your music in link below.
  • The social media you are most active on.
  • Upload File Here. Must be High Quality and Radio Friendly
  • Email,Phone or Social Media
  • Tell us a little something about you.