Now I’m not trying to endorse pimping and hoeing but this man might be on to something. He recently put up an ad for someone to purchase his girlfriend on eBay as part of a prank and actually got people to bid up to 119,000 before Ebay scrapped his ad for violating their rules. I’ve seen people sell all kinds of strange things on eBay, even their virginity, but never a significant other.

According to CTV here is how it all went down.

The posting was obviously a joke, and he described her like a used car with lines like, quote, "Starts okay but after a while there's a constant whining noise I can't seem to stop" and, quote, "bodywork is fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear.”

He accidentally sparked a bidding war. And the price for Kelly got up to $119,000 before eBay pulled the ad 24 hours later.

This was probably a huge confidence builder for the woman. So I have to put this out there what reasonable offer would it take to have your significant other? Realistically I think everyone that is in a relationship right now could be sold for less than 100k.

I’m sure you could find another boyfriend or girlfriend with the money you made.

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