So over the weekend I came across some old photos of someone I no longer affiliate with.Memories of that time began to flood my mind both good and horrible!

Jason Merritt, Jason Kempin, Jemal Countess, Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Jason Merritt, Jason Kempin, Jemal Countess, Kevin Winter / Getty Images


I remember how this person went out of their way to embarrass, belittle and tried to turn my friends into my enemies. I also remember how much I hated that she and the other women in my field never truly supported me! The only recognition I got was negative and every time I came in with good spirits or smiled sincerely when being talked bad to it just made this person dislike me more.

All these years later I still don't know what I did or didn't do to make this person be  this way with me.So I pose this conversation starter....How can women be less of a "hater" to each other?Have we been programmed to behave and think like the examples of women of color  portrayed on TV.

I've never been part of the clique nor did I talk,think or act like my peers. In this business I admire that our differences are what we have to offer both in music and in personality. I've always been genuinely happy for them in their successes even to this day and  I still don't feel like I have the support that they give each other.

I've always been one to just do what I do,but I also know talent when I see it. And,I've always supported my fellow colleagues in this industry male and female.Is there anyone going through this right now?or Maybe your the one being the "hater"?

I believe we as women should be the most understanding and supportive of our friends and colleagues.So why aren't we?Or why does it feel we aren't?

This can't just be thoughts of the Mind of Godess so what are yours?


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