Every mother that has delivered a baby via cesarean knows that the words "gentle" and "natural" are not your first thoughts.

How can a moment so emotionally intense and afterwards  painful be gentle?Well all the rage in pregnancy is the new "gentle" cesarean which is growing increasingly popular overseas.My ONLY C-section was a horrific and painful experience I wouldn't wish on my enemy.And when I read the article in the New York Post I was immediately intrigued.

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This "gentle" procedure basically takes the stress and anxiety away from the experience.The procedure allows the baby to come out of the womb without tugging or pulling but gently being pulled from the mothers belly.The mother typically doesn't get to watch the process during a C-section,I know I wasn't able to.But this process gives the mother a clear drape so she can see her baby being born(great idea!).

Doctors claim recovery time is lessened as well as  decreases post-partum depression in many of the women who chose this procedure.

I was thinking there's no way to make that experience better it's a very exhausting thing to deliver a baby via C-section.And after reading the article I don't understand why it ever had to be so "rough"an experience and why haven't women been given the option to have a clear drape before. I would have greatly appreciated being able to have memories of my son being born than having his dad walk me through what he was seeing!

What do you ladies think?Is it really "gentle" or just added comforts to the same old thing?


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