I know your probably thinking how can this be Godess. How can a succulent cookie take your life?

I'm slowly dying each and every time they release a new flavor!

There's just something about those cookies that are a match to none. In celebration of its 100th year, Girls Scouts have released two new s'mores-inspired cookies that I'm sure will be the death of me and a few of you!


You can expect one to have a graham cracker cookie with a chocolatey outside coating and cream icing (I just had a Homer moment!) and the other a graham cookie with chocolate and marshmallow filling. I could barely get through typing this without salivating.You Girl Scouts are killing me, but I admit I love it!

So, no need to bring the normal s'mores utensils for this one—your hands are all you need! You can check out on all the flavors by visiting  the Girls Scout webpage.

Are you ready for the 2017 cookie season? Trust me I'll be making someone's day when I pull up to the store during selling season. Follow me and all my loconess @radiogodess

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