Growing up in a single father household  affords you many priviliges. One being the kind of entertainment your introduced to.

My father was and still is great at putting me on to really cool movies and music.Gene Wilder was one of those cool people in films and he helped fill my childhood with wonder and tons of laughs.


He was my favorite in "See No Evil.Hear No Evil" and was always super cool in most films he played in."Stir Crazy" was hilarious and I even put a few of my friends on to the classics.

I loved his wonder and optimism in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory which I'm sure I've watched a million times.And maybe two million times since I've had children of my own.He was on my bucket list of actors and people I would love to meet and converse with.

But I'm content with the many films he's blessed us with, a lifetime of laughs in film.He was truly one of a kind as a actor.If your not familiar with his body's of work then make it a Netflix and chill kind of day.

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