Since cutting my hair short(no regrets) it's given me the super power of being bold.

So bold I decided to get my very first barber shop haircut,but this is unlike any barber shop you've been to.This is a barber studio complete with karaoke and big screen TV's to watch the game highlights or wait for your boys to get a haircut before school starts.

Studio owner Jay Allen is a cut above the rest for sure offering luxe products and services catered to men and women.Jason’s vision was to steer away from the typical barbershop that only caters to one demographic of people.

The formula is working because as a mother of two boys this is perfect for me and my boys!  My first barber cut was provided by the very talented DJ Phayda who also dj's and rocks that karoake mic from time to time.I finally know what the moles on my head look like I must say pretty unique and not what I expected(they're flesh toned) The creative artwork in my hair came from barber E3 and if he can make me look this dope think about how you can come out looking and feeling.I left feeling amazing!

They also offer facials,shaves and pretty much everything a man or woman needs to look fine.Located at 1839 Central Ave right next to Jades Envy.Follow them on Facebook at Jay Allen or visit them online at

Stop by and see my new family today and get your cut done right! Check out all my Albasodes on and follow me to greatness @radiogodess and


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