I'm sure I can't be the only one who was excited for this movie to come out.But am I  the only one who left the theater feeling unfulfilled and a bit cheated?Even more so that  I spent the extra cash for the 3D experience.

Let me say it was a great attempt at trying to be Marvel movie-like.But it was far from, it left me confused from the plot  to the characters.It felt like the times my bath water got cool to lukewarm and the faucet is pouring out warm water instead of hot.And your like aaghhhh I had a long day and I've been anticipating this hot bath since I clocked out! Why just why? Yea,That feeling of small disappointment.

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I didn't hate this movie but I didn't get it.It felt like it was a jumble of everything a action movie like this should be but not well executed.So, Why did they need the Suicide Squad in the first place?Why did they have to save Voila Davis from that building?Why didn't they catch the Joker?

They should've just made a Bonnie and Clyde type movie for Joker and Harley.I would pay for that for sure if they got Sherri Moon Zombie to be Harley! I love all these characters and the soundtrack even more! But they didn't make me feel excited for a second round.I don't think this movie necessarily did the characters justice either.The video game Injustice was more bad ass than the movie portrayed some of the characters to be.I was happy to see these characters be brought to life but not excited about the 3D price for a "lukewarm bath" movie! If you haven't seen it yet  well absolutely go and see it for yourself but know that I gave you a little movie intel.

This movie wins over a lukewarm bath any day and maybe if they make a part two it'll outshine the original! Was it lukewarm for you,too? Follow my thoughts @radiogodess or SnapAdd:god.es


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