Up and down my timeline, everyone is talking about this movie A Fall from Grace by Tyler Perry Studios that premiered on Netflix over the weekend.

Now I am not a big fan of Tyler Perry’s work. Some reviews are good, some bad and some just plain funny. Just search the hashtag #afallfromgrace online! I’m not one to sit and watch a movie to be a critic as if I was directing the movie, but some haters just couldn’t help but pick out things in the background of the movie which should never happen in film. From microphones being shown, bad wigs, bad scene transitions, fake food and drinks being used – it was a mess supposedly. None of this was edited out either. This often happens in a lot of movies but being that it was Tyler Perry, twitter had to make it be known to everyone that they caught a mistake. I watched A Fall From Grace and I thought it was a good movie, it literally kept you on the edge of your seat through the whole movie and it was thrilling. Some people just like to complain, everybody was giving Tyler Perry props for opening his own studio in Georgia and for all the projects he has going on saying he was the best!

Notably he’s also been in the news for revealing he writes all his plays/movies by himself and doesn’t have a team of writers. A lot of side eye was given after this movie was released, everyone is now calling for him to add more writing/directing talent to his team because it was just that bad. Most of the people are just looking for something to hate on but have never accomplished anything in life. To sit up and knit pick a movie just to get a couple of likes on social media is the worst. I’ve seen mixed reviews, but what do you expect after the movie was filmed in 5 days.

Did you see the film? What are your thoughts?

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