A Fall From Grace
everyone is talking about this movie A Fall from Grace by Tyler Perry Studios that premiered on Netflix over the weekend.
Coming Soon!
Who’s been waiting on this?
Twenty-five years ago, Mary J. Blige, a Bronx native, released her sophomore album “My Life.” Mary J is now revisiting this music and reflecting on her emotional journey. The documentary will center around Blige’s past struggles with poverty, abuse, addiction and heartbrea…
Your Old Disney VHS Tapes Could Be Worth Big Money
You know when every Disney movie came out on VHS, you had to buy it, but then, we moved on to DVDs and then streaming. Now, you have a ton of Disney VHS tapes and don't know what to do with them, right? I have good news for you!
The Breakfast Club
The legendary Samuel L Jackson stopped by the Breakfast Club. Samuel L. Jackson has been in On Kicking Drugs Before His First Role, Social Media, New 'Shaft' Film + More.
Man Makes Animated Films About the Capital Region
The Plaza in animation form? Pretty cool.  How about riding around a CDTA bus, with millennials playing on their phones giving dirty looks- sounds like a normal day in Albany.  But in animation form?  Kind of interesting to watch.
A local is getting creative with the capital region, ma…
Free Movies All Summer in Schenectady [LIST]
I remember when I was a kid in Schenectady, the place to be was Central Park for fireworks, movies, just about anything. Now, Central Park and some other great places in Schenectady are bringing that feeling back with free movies all summer.
Suicide Squad VS Lukewarm Bath Water
I'm sure I can't be the only one who was excited for this movie to come out.But am I  the only one who left the theater feeling unfulfilled and a bit cheated?Even more so that  I spent the extra cash for the 3D experience.
Let me say it was a great attempt at trying to be Marvel m…
Meet The Blacks
Lil Duval chats with The Breakfast Club about his new movie Meet The Blacks and Katt Williams acting out. Lil Duval also talks about his humble upbringings in Jacksonville. Lil Duval also talks about giving back to the community.
Elementary Genocide
Join the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) as they bring their Conscious Minds film series to Troy’s Boys and Girls Club (1700 7th Ave, Troy) for a presentation of Elementary Genocide part 1. The screening happens on April 2nd. starting at 2pm...
Happy 10.21.2015
Today is October 21, 2015— the day that Marty McFly time traveled back the future for the first time in the popular 1989 movie. That date seemed so far away in 1989 and now we are here, 10.21.2015. Check out this video of the actual inventions that have actually come to light that were predicted in …
Youth FX Screening Tonight!
Youth FX, is an intensive hands-on program designed to immerse teens aged 14-19 in the artistic and technical process of digital filmmaking. Young Film makers sit down with DJ Supreme to talk about their upcoming 2015 Film Screening. At Spectrum 8 Theatre March 26th
‘Need For Speed’ – Starring Aaron Paul, Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
Popular video games have been adapted for the big screen for years now. It’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, with popular titles like Assassins Creed and Uncharted rumored to be getting the big screen treatment in the near future. Games like Prince of Persia, Super Mario Brothers, …
N.W.A. Movie
Ice Cube and Dr. Dre haven’t always been on the best of terms. The two, who are both original members of N.W.A., have quarreled in the past over royalties. It ultimately led to Ice Cube defecting from the group in the early 90’s. The two seem to be on civil terms now, though. In an interview with Th…

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