The Plaza in animation form? Pretty cool.  How about riding around a CDTA bus, with millennials playing on their phones giving dirty looks- sounds like a normal day in Albany.  But in animation form?  Kind of interesting to watch.

A local is getting creative with the capital region, making animated mini-films about Capital Region life.  I caught wind of this on cbs 6 Albany, who wrote about Jordan McClendon, the animator.  Clearly I had to go to his website to check out the films.  They're pretty interesting short little films, and right on his page you can click a 'play' button on each icon [for example: 'The Hill', 'The Plaza'] and start watching.

We all perceive the Capital Region in different ways.  For me, there's things I love, things I don't love.  But I'm happy to live here.  I always appreciate hearing different peoples points of view on the Capital Region.  But seeing it in animation form?  Now that's something completely different.

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