There are many things that you hear about or see on TV or in movies but you never actually see it in real life.

I have always heard about dogs fetching the morning paper for their owners but I have only heard of this happening and I have seen it on TV but never in real life.

I have seen a dog eat paper, I have also seen a dog eat a soiled diaper and I have seen two dogs mating through a fence. The intelligence and determination of dogs surprises me because of the complexities involved in mating through a fence. It also makes me question my own intelligence and determination because I can’t teach my dog how to fetch the morning paper without eating it.

I have always heard about pies cooling on a windowsill. I have seen it in movies and on TV shows but never in real life.

I have seen pie fights and I have seen pie eating contests which leads me to believe that the only way I will see a pie cooling on a windowsill is if I find myself at a pie eating contest where a pie fight breaks out.

I have seen really cool homemade Tree-houses in movies: “The Sandlot” “Monster Squad” “The War” “ Stepbrothers” “Stand By Me.” I have never seen a really cool homemade Tree-house in real life. I have seen and built really bad Tree-houses that fall apart and smell.

Now that I think about it, do kids have Tree-houses anymore?

Probably not because there is no Wifi.

I have seen fun ‘Fixer Upper’ montages in movies and on TV Shows but I have never seen one in real life. I would love to be walking down the street and see a group of friends cheerfully fixing up a house, a restaurant, or a boat, I would join in.

The only thing I ever really do see are construction workers who tell me to slow down, stop and go and they never seem to be doing anything cheerfully.

I always see people in movies and TV Shows break into spontaneous song and dance number, I never see that in real life at all.

Years ago a friend and I thought it be a good idea to break into a spontaneous song and dance at a local diner but a fight broke out and the police showed up and we got cold feet. We thought that the police would arrest us for singing and dancing without a permit.

These are things that I have seen in movies or on TV that I have never seen in real life can you add to the list?

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