Connecticut Prostitute Calls Police On Her PIMP!
Pimpin’ aint easy, bruh. A Connecticut woman called police to report she was being mistreated by her pimp. The 35 year-old street walker doesn’t seem to have much patience either. As she was waiting for the po-po’s to arrive, she decided to make a quic…
Postal Service Launching Clothing Line?
If you were in charge of the U.S. Postal Service and you were struggling to generate revenue, what would you do?  What’s that?  Start a clothing line?  Of course you would!  It’s only natural!  They’ve teamed up with a clothing…
Edible Deodorant – Would You Use It? [POLL]
There is a product out there called Deo Perfume Candy, which is a rose-flavored product that contains geraniol, an alcohol found in rose oil that “aromatizes” as it evaporates through the skin. (Ummm… in English, please?) It’s edible deodorant. Whoa…
This YouTube Love Serenade Is Painfully Awkward
“Everything I do, I do it for you,” sings Bryan Adams in his notoriously sappy smash hit of the same name.
YouTube user THASSLEHOFF seconds that emotion, choosing the Robin Hood movie theme to serenade a fair maiden named Emily.
THASSLEHOFF preempted the inevitable criticis…
Mountain Dew Naming Contest Becomes a ‘Mountain Don’t’
To grab some more of that should-you-really-be-drinking-this market share, the makers of Mountain Dew have come up with a new green apple flavor. To promote this new flavor, they’ve been having an online contest to name it. But, it seems that someone has hijacked DubtheDew, most like…
Racist ‘Elmo’ Gets Dragged Off By NYC Cops
Everyone loves Elmo, right? He’s cute, fury and extremely affable. Elmo is a one fantastic Muppet, unless you happen to be talking about the nasty Elmo impersonator in New York City who, until recently, had been hurling racial abuses at pedestrians and other fellow Elmo impersonators…
Dumb Thief Gets Head Stuck Under Garage Door
The dummy of the day award goes to 54 year old Manuel Fernandes of Brockton, Massachusetts. According to police, Manuel tried to pry open a garage door with a bed post. Unfortunately, the door fell on his head when he attempted to squeeze under.
‘Champagne Facials’ Explodes Onto the Scene
‘Champagne Facials‘ is the brainchild of elite event photographer Kirill. We’ve clearly indicated our envy of Terry Richardson, but while Terry’s shoots are usually one-on-one and more intimate, Kirill’s in the trenches, mixing it up at the…
Albany Inmate Stashes Drugs In Her…
Andrea Amanatides isn’t as sneaky as she thought.  The 38 year old was being held at Albany County Correctional Facility Tuesday when a bunch of drugs spilled out of her vagina.  Wait.  Say what?  Yes, her vagina.
Guy Jumps Out Of Plane Without A Parachute
People do some crazy ish!! A stuntman jumped 2000 feet from an airplane wearing a wing suit and landed on a stack of cardboard boxes. Notice the one thing missing from that sentence? A parachute!!
Smells That Gross You Out
I have the ability to make women I work with sick. I was in a meeting a few weeks ago here at Townsquare Media. The girl sitting next to me had a stink face on and asked me to move my seat away from her. Ouch!
Would You Wear Converse All-Stars For Life?
One Converse fan has taken his fascination for the sneaker to the next level. In the photograph above you can see that rather than wear a pair of Chuck Taylor shoes, this man has decided to have them tattooed on his feet.

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