There is a product out there called Deo Perfume Candy, which is a rose-flavored product that contains geraniol, an alcohol found in rose oil that “aromatizes” as it evaporates through the skin. (Ummm… in English, please?) It’s edible deodorant. Whoa. I thought edible underwear was strange.

So what’s the deal? You can spread the stuff on your pits and pancakes? Not at all. The candy is eaten, not applied to your body’s surface. Skeptic scientists are skeptical of the effects.

The product hasn’t quite taken off yet if you measure success by facebook likes. Their page currently has only 542 likes. The about section describes the candy:

“Deo Perfume Candy takes the pleasure of eating a delicious treat to a whole new level! Science and nature have come together to make a functional food that leaves your skin with a beautiful rose fragrance.”

The candy also comes in a “sugar free” flavor for all the health conscious stinkers out there.

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