Lawmakers in Albany are making it illegal to have ATVs and dirt bikes on city streets.

Each year dirtbikes and ATVs can be seen racing up and down city streets during the spring and summer months. They can sometimes be annoying and even dangerous and now lawmakers have passed a law prohibiting vehicles on city streets.

The Common Council of Albany approved Local Law E. The new law says that if anyone is caught driving an ATV or a dirtbike on the streets of Albany, they may be subjected to a fine of $3000 plus additional fees and two weeks in jail.

Councilman Richard Conti recently spoke about the new law he said, “I hear this from all neighborhoods in terms of the concerns and they need to the crackdown. And I will note that the local law and the provision were adopted by vote of the council.”

According to News 10, Stephen Smith, spokesperson for the Albany Police Department says that riders are often seen riding the illegal vehicles without helmets and total disregard for the safety He said, “Our goal is to get them off the street, to see them and get them off the street, and also to issue the appropriate citations to make an arrest if necessary.“

Some people may think that this bill is targeting black and brown people because that’s who we usually see riding them. Councilor Owusu Anane disputes that notion. They said they are not targeting any group and that the drivers must be held accountable.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan tweeted saying that she will sign the legislation as soon as it hits our desk and that she will hold a required public hearing on April 14.

I’ve seen for myself that the vehicles are often driven in an unsafe manner. I would hate to see one of the young people driving dirt bikes and ATVs hurt themselves or someone else. They are often seen driving dangerously, without a helmet and they probably don’t have any insurance.

While reckless driving like seen in the video above isn't going to fly in Albany city streets there should be some kind of alternatives like a dirtbike or ATV park. People in cities are deprived of recreational sports like dirtbike and ATV activities. There is nothing for people especially young people to do in Albany. I doubt this law will be effective because these vehicles can outrun police vehicles.

These types of activities are obviously popular in the area and the money that is used confiscating these vehicles could easily go towards funding some open space where the activity is allowed. This would be a win/win situation.

Vote below should ATVs and Dirtbikes remain illegal in the City Of Albany?

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