I have the ability to make women I work with sick. I was in a meeting a few weeks ago here at Townsquare Media. The girl sitting next to me had a stink face on and asked me to move my seat away from her. Ouch!

The next incident happened yesterday. I was standing outside of the building, having a conversation with one of our sales girls. Her face seemed to take a U-turn from docile to disgust. She asked me to step away from her. Ouch again!

I have impeccable hygiene, I wear deodorant and cologne daily, I brush my teeth and last time I checked I didn’t have dog poo under my shoe. So why is it that these women couldn’t bear to be in my presence??

Red Bull. They can’t STAND the smell of Red Bull. My guess is they went a little too hard on some Vodka drinks one night and they haven’t recovered. I drink Red Bull every day so they’re going to have to get used to it if they want to converse with me.

But seriously, you should’ve seen their faces when I popped my can open in front of them. “Ewww, oh my god I can’t stand the smell get away from me!!” Hysterical stuff.

Let me ask – What smell grosses you out?  Comment below.