Just about anybody who’s lived in a big city has found themselves staring out their window and into the apartments across the street.

Usually, all you’ll catch is some guy reading or a woman watching infomercials, but residents of a building in Nottingham City, England hit the visual motherload when they gazed out into the offices across the way. Yup, their voyeuristic instincts were rewarded with explicit sex — and explicit sex involving a young attractive woman.

“She walked into the office and started stripping off, then she started ripping his clothes off and performed a sex act on him,” said one onlooker, who described the aggressive lady as “very good looking.” “They then started having full-blown sex over his chair and then his desk,” he continued.

At one point in the video the male talent even looks out the window at the audience across the way but just doesn’t seem to care. Now that’s a friendly neighbor.

Now if this had been ten years ago these lucky onlookers would only be able to recount the tale to friends at the local pub, but in these days of video cameras on every cell phone, it didn’t take long for people to record the free 20 minute show and pass it along to the local news organization.