Have you ever watched a movie with a dog in it and then, when you see it, you find out the dog in the movie dies? I can't handle it. Thankfully, there's a website that gives you warning!

You know it's happened to you, you want to see a movie everyone is talking about, you go see it, halfway through the dog you've come to love dies. Did the dog really die? No, but you're emotionally invested in that movie, in that doggy character and then, boom. LadBible reported on a website that makes it so you're not so surprised by the death of the family pet, it's called "Does the Dog Die?"

The website will give you emotional spoilers for a number of potential things where a dog could die: books, television, movies, video games, comic books, podcasts, Netflix, anime, etc and it's all crowdsourced. For example, if you recently read a book and the dog died and you don't see it on the list, you can add it yourself to warn other people from potentially being surprised.

"Does The Dog Die?" takes it a step further and will also tell you when a kid dies, parents die, body mutilation, clowns, shower scenes, jumpscares, etc. Is it a spoiler? Yes, but it doesn't spoil the movie plot, it may actually make you enjoy it a bit more.

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