Its that time of year again where we gather up by the fire place with friends and hot chocolate to tell some our favorite ghost stories. If you like me, I enjoy horror movies specialty those based on true stories or real life events. Im going to share the true story of some of my favorite horror movies.

  1. "Annabelle" (2014) - According to legend and historyvsHollywood. the real Annabelle doll was a regular looking raggedy Ann doll. A birthday present to a young woman by the name of Donna, from her mother back in 1970. In the movie Annabelle, John buys the doll for his pregnant wife, Mia as a present. Satanic intruders enter the home of John and his wife Mia, which explains how the demons is passed into the doll. Mia, the wife throws the doll away to later find it in some unpack boxes.  Legend has it that the real owners Donna and her roommate Angie did not experience paranormal activities but notice the doll in different positions and rooms that both ( Donna and Angie ) did not leave her in. One day they found Annabelle kneeing on a chair, which was abnormal because, if they tried to put the doll on it knees she would of fell over. Donna will come home to written childlike w messages that read, "Help Us"  or " Help LOU" ( her roommates fiance ). Donna contact a medium who informed her that Annabelle was a seven-year-old girl who played in the field where are there apartment complex was now located and died from a automobile accident. The medium believe that the doll was a demon pretending to a child. In the movie Annabelle the doll cause serious harm to others,that is a fact but not as serious. LOU tells paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren, one night while sleeping he was awakened out of his sleep and notice he couldn't move. The doll was at his feet climbed up his legs and strangled him until he blacked out. When he woken up he was positive it was not a dream. Ed Warner believe that the original Annabelle doll is responsible for at least one death. A young man that came to visit the Occlut Museum, mocked the raggedy Ann doll - Ed kicks him out the museum. About 3 hours later the man hit a tree on his motorcycle and was pronounced dead. You can visit the actual doll in Monroe, Connecticut at Ed and Lorraine Warren Occult Museum.
  2. "Childs Play" (1988) - Everyone's favorite doll Chucky was actually based on a real doll by the name of Robert.  According to investigators, back in 1906 the doll was given to West Key painter and author Robert Eugene Otto by his servant. The Bahamian servant, who allegedly was displeased with the family was skilled in black magic and voodoo. Eugene "Gene" named the doll Roberts after himself. Robert parents will often hear him speaking to himself, so they parents thought. Story goes over the years people that pass by their home will see the doll move from window to window. Loud noises would sometimes come from Eugene's bedroom, which he will blame on Robert, "Robert did it!", all according to historyvshollywood. Many people agree the doll is terrifying - with his beady black eyes, and smirk on his face. Face marked in brown nicks, like scars and pinholes for a nose. Via, many people agree the doll was responsible for broken bone, car accidents, divorces, job loss, and even death ! story goes the doll was given to "Gene" as a birthday present. He became very attached to the doll bringing it everywhere and talked about it in first person. In his adult years Otto, lived in his "Artist House" with Robert the doll. Schoolchildren will claim the doll would appear and reappear out the window. After marrying his wife, Anne and moving back into his parents house. Anne was uneasy by the doll and ask for Gene to lock the doll in the attic. Gene did, which you can imagen Robert was not happy. Many times Gene would fine Robert not in the attic but back into bedroom in a rocking chair, told by ghostsandgravestones. In 1974 Robert Eugene Otto  died. His home was purchased by Myrtle Rueter, Rueter became Roberts the doll new caretaker. Rumors is visitors would hear footsteps and giggling coming from the attic. In 1994 after 20 years, she donated the doll to Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Robert is 111-years-old and still reside in the museum where he is famous more then ever. Since being placed at the museum Robert has appeared on TV shows, a must-see stop on a ghost tour and inspired by movies such as; Childsplay and There was Robert. You can also write the doll which fans do. Convertito is Roberts new caretaker - she replies to the dolls letters that get sent to the museum, reads him his emails and letters, becoming his poxy she was responsible for his social media feed, ( yes the doll has a social media feed ).
  3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - There a old folks tale that the movies "A Nightmare on Elm Street is based on a serial killer in the 1800s by the name of Fredrick Krueger. Written in, Krueger lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and was responsible for twenty children murders, within a 3 mile distance from his home. Allegedly Krueger lived in a abandoned factory boiler room, where he torture and killed the children using a garden claw. When arrest he was diagnosed mentally insane and was held at Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital. Where he died at 72-years old age, in his sleep. Rumors of the psychiatric hospital was haunted by Krueger after his death. In October 2014,Wes Craven the creator of the movie ( A Nightmare on Elm Street ) reveals that the movie was actually based on a news article he read. In the report he read about a family that moved from the killing fields in Cambodia, who son was haunted with post-traumatic stress and couldn't sleep. The son told his parents that he was afraid to sleep because something in his dream keep chasing him. He fought his sleep, staying up for days. One night he went to sleep, his parents thought the nightmare was over into heard screams  coming from their son room. By time they got to the room unfortunately it was too late, and he died in the middle of his sleep - creating the storyline of Freddy Krueger.

'Here was a youngster having a vision of a horror that everyone older was denying. That became the central line of Nightmare on Elm Street.” -Wes Craven.

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