Food And Drinks Spiked By Family Member
Damn! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and family members wildin’ out has already hit the news.
A Tonawanda man has been charged with spiking family members’ food, drinks with Epsom salts, laxatives. Andrew Ditch, 34, allegedly sprinkled the substances on…
Nasa Gets In The Halloween Spirit With A Spooky Sun Pic
Over the weekend NASA decided to get into the Halloween spirit and post a picture of the Sun looking like a giant flaming Jack-o-Latern!
NASA captured the spooky image on October 8, 2014. The face is the result of active regions of the sun burning more brightly than others, NASA said...
Halloween Safety Tips
Here is a Halloween Fun Face, you are 43% more like to get hit by a car tonight. With all of the added traffic on foot and in vehicles.
Dad & Son Nazis
A Dad dressed up in a Nazi uniform for Halloween and dressed his kid as a Nazi as well. He was shocked when people made negative comments about the outfit.
Schenectady Mayor: Halloween Ends At 8
While there may not be an official 'last call' for trick-or-treaters on Wednesday night in the city of Schenectady, they did recently announce their proposed Halloween 'hours of operation'.  In fact, Mayor Gary McCcarthy has told residents when they need to turn off the…
I Want Your Funk And Soul
This Halloweekend there is a lot to do all over the Capital Region to celebrate the weekend one of which, is I Want Your Funk & Soul at Lucas Confectionery (12 2nd Street, Troy.
Enjoy Soul music, a masquerade ball, and a costume contest with DJ Trumastr on the dance floor, while checking ou…
518 Spotlight: Ward Benoit-Corpse FX Effects
The 518 has a lot of very talented and career driven people. I got a chance to sit down with Ward Benoit  A.K.A "The Zombie Guru" who also has his own company  called Corpse FX Effects. We talked a lot about his new haunted  Halloween attraction that he is apart of in Via Port Mall in Rott…
Fall, Fun,Halloween Madness
Its definitely fall and the "Tis the season" for everything Halloween. I absolutely love this holiday because no matter what age you are every one some how joins in on the fun. There are so many things to do during this fall season while the weather is still nice, and with Halloween only a…
5 Halloween Costume Dont’s
Halloween is quickly approaching, and with all this crazy clown nonsense going on, I can only imagine how Halloween will be this year. Here are 5 Halloween costumes that I think you should shy away from.
5) Ladies and gentlemen, you can leave all the skimpy costumes at home...
Great Debaters !
The great debaters take on another controversial issue. Should young boys be allowed to dress up as Princess's for Halloween ? Watch the video and chime in on the great debate.
Kylie Promiscuous ?
Kylie Jenner is at the center of yet another controversy, but this time it's not because of her luscious lips, much-older boyfriend, or infamous “first family.” A new survey has deemed the “Kylie Jenner” costume the most promiscuous for Ha…

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