I Hate Halloween
Halloween has always been the weirdest holiday to me. We dress our children up and take them to complete strangers houses so they can give them candy ? This map is Sex Offenders in the Albany area.
Thats only the registered sex offenders in Albany alone ...
Thriller!! Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween yall!!! It looks and feels like a Halloween day out there today don't it?? Bundle up tonight you little trick or treaters and get that candy! And be on the lookout for zombies lurking in the neighborhood! And by the way, there is no way you can get through a Halloween without listeni…
Pet Halloween Costumes: Yay or Nay??
Halloween is only a couple of days away, hooray!! I have no clue what my costume will be this year, if any. As for my hound, welp, I'll be getting him his costume today at PetCo. Poor fella.
The Evolution of Beyonce!
Well, I think it's pretty safe to say that Beyonce is a big time star who 'ain't going anywhere kids. And, I think we can all agree that if someone puts together an evolution medley of all the smash hit songs you have sung thus far in your career, that you have made it to the tippy to…
Haunted Places in New York and Beyond
The capital region is home to a lot of real haunted places.  With Halloween only a week away, people are on a mission to go ghost hunting, research haunted places & maybe do a little investigating themselves.
Safe Halloween Trick Or Treating Tips
Are you hesitant to take your kids door-to-door for Halloween this year? Here are some tips to help keep your kids safe on the 31st. Hopefully these precautions and tips will help ease your mind.
Safe Halloween Events For Kids In The Albany Area
At Hot 99.1 we hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable Halloween. We understand a lot of parents don’t feel comfortable taking your kids out in local neighborhoods. No worries, there are still plenty of fun Halloween activities around the Albany area for your kiddos. Check out some of th…
New York’s Best Haunted Houses & Hayrides for Halloween!
Zombies, ghosts, goblins & witches jumping out at you at a haunted house or hayride will scare the pants off of you at some of these frightening locations!  So wear some long johns under those jeans & be prepared for a scare you won't forget! Warning: Not for the faint…
Albany Ghost Tour BOO!
Albany's Original Ghost Tour is back for its sixth season this Halloween. If you want a little scare while learning about Albany's historical sites, come along for an evening of spooktacular fun!
Hallowine Fest at Altamont Winery this Weekend
Who knew there was a winery in Altamont?  I certainly did not know there was a winery right here in the capital region that makes their own wine! The Altamont Winery is having their 4th Annual Hallowine Fest all this weekend September 13th, 14th & 15th!
Worst Halloween Candy
Halloween is tonight. The quickest way to ruin a young child’s fun is to fill their bag with candy that sucks. Handing out crappy candy is the quickest way to put a “ding-dong-ditch” target on your front door. Want to stay on the neighborhood&CloseCurlyQuo…
Trick Or Treating Safety Tips
Where are the trick or treaters these days? I remember shopping with my parents as a child. My mother would pick up bags upon bags of candy. Our household was prepared with hundreds of sugary, delicious treats in anticipation of the flood of children who would be ringing our door bell on Halloween.