It has been called the most haunted place in the entire state of New York as well as one of the scariest places in the world, and if you dare, you can be placed on a three-hour psych hold within its walls.

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Opened on January 1, 1827, the Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, New York is the place where at least 1,700 documented deaths happened over a 200-year period and there is no doubt this former asylum is haunted.

Originally called the Genesee County Poor House, the Rolling Hills Asylum was home to those who were mentally and physically disabled, to widows and orphans, to those suffering financially, and more. Basically, anyone who could not fend for their own was sent to live at Rolling Hills Asylum. A huge number of people passed through the doors and a huge number of people never left the grounds.

Haunted History Trail states that nearly two thousand people died at Rolling Hills Asylum - but those are only the documented deaths. It's believed that hundreds more undocumented individuals actually also passed away there.

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Rolling Hills Asylum is so renowned for being eerily haunted that it has been featured on television shows such as Destination America’s Ghost AsylumSyFy Ghost Hunters, Travel Chanel - Aftershocks, Travel Channel’s - Destination FearTravel Channel's Ghost AdventuresTravel Channel's Paranormal ChallengeFX's American Horror Story Asylum's Promotion, and more.

Rolling Hills Asylum is privately owned by a woman named Sharon Coyle. In 2008, Coyle visited Rolling Hills and experienced some paranormal activity. A few months after her experience, Coyle learned that Rolling Hills was slated to be closed forever and she knew she needed to do something about it so she did - she is now the owner of the property.

Rolling Hills Asylum is open to the public on select dates in October so that those who are curious can learn the history of the Asylum and also respectfully hunt for lingering spirits. When you visit Rolling Hills Asylum, you will be able to take a three-hour self-guided tour, (which is called a three-hour Psych Hold) of the building which is approximately 60,000 square feet. Get more information at

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