How does your child's school add up there was a survey by Niche (education data website) to rank the schools in the capital region. The ranking is based on many factors including but not limited to teacher tenure, student-teacher ratio and student and parent ratings of teachers.

  • NUMBER 10: Saratoga Springs High School, a school with no teachers in their first or second year. They average 16 students to every teacher. Those teachers also average salary of $69,309.
  • NUMBER 9: Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Senior High School, with less than one percent of new teachers and a teacher for every 13 students, their teachers make about $76,677 a year.
  • NUMBER 8: Columbia High School, They have 14 students per teacher, like Saratoga no new teachers and average $77,166 a year in salary
  • NUMBER 7: Ballston Spa High School, 2.2 percent of their teachers are newbies in their careers and there are a total of 14:1 students per teacher. Their teachers are approaching 80K, $79,294. I’ve heard this school has a daycare, is that true?
  • NUMBER 6: Clayton A. Bouton High School, with less than a percent of their teachers new and 13 kids per teacher they make an average of $73,978 per year.
  • NUMBER 5: Colonie Central High School, it pays to work here apparently, $91,371 a year for the teachers on average. No new teachers and 14 students per.
  • NUMBER 4: Guilderland High School, their teachers make a touch less than the majority of these schools at an average $70,036. 15:1 for their teacher student ratio and just over a percent of newer teachers.
  • NUMBER 3: Shaker High School, $76,575 a year average, 13:1 teacher student ratio and 3.1 percent of their teachers are somewhat new.
  • NUMBER 2: Bethlehem Central Senior High School, almost six percent of their teachers are new and they make on average $74,706 a year. 16 students per teacher.
  • NUMBER 1: Niskayuna High School, ranked as the best high school in the Capital Region among teachers at a sort of cushy $79,714 a year. 15:1 student teacher ratio and almost two percent of their teachers are in their first or second year of teaching.

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