There have been talks for years about later start times for Capital Region high schoolers and this upcoming school year it's going to happen for a couple of local schools. I think that it's about time. I also think that all schools should allow this to help those teens who need extra sleep to function better.

According to News Channel 13, Niskayuna High School will let its students sleep a bit later this coming school year. They decided to change the start time by one hour. Now instead of starting at 7:40 am the day will begin at 8:40 am. The administration felt it was time after it had been talked about for years. But Nisky isn't the only school trying to get the most out of their high schoolers. Guilderland High School will now start at 8:20 am instead of 7:30 am. Bethlehem implemented a later start time last year giving its high schoolers a half-hour more sleep.

Research shows that sleep patterns with teenagers make them more productive later in the morning. The American Academy of Pediatrics says teenagers between ages thirteen and seventeen need eight to ten hours of sleep each night. The later start times at Capital Region high schools will help these students even if it's just a half-hour more of sleep each school day.

There are other Capital Region high schools that are thinking of adopting a later start time. Columbia High School in East Greenbush has thought about this for years. Because of the pandemic, they weren't able to implement it. However, they did say they would start up the conversation again this year.

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