Another Hot Topic this time comes from a woman who suspects her husband of cheating and possibly having a second family.

Here is what she wrote in unedited

Hey Supreme

I'm having a serious dilemma here with my marriage. I need some help from your and your listeners. Here is the deal. I suspected my husband was cheating because he has been acting differently. I pay a lot of attention to every and his energy is definitely off. I watch his behavior and I called him out on it. He told me I was crazy he would never do anything like that. One day he left for "work" and I followed him. That morning I found out a lot of his actions are definitely shady. My husband drives to this random house and some woman and a small child, are on the porch. He picked them up dropped the kid off at daycare and dropped the woman off at a beauty shop. Then he went to work, so I followed him for 3 days he had the same routine. I want to know if this is his side piece and his baby, and most importantly why are you doing this.  Any advice on how I should approach this situation?

DJ Supreme’s Response.

Wow, this sounds like a scene from a movie. I think you should ask him about what you saw, but be prepared to make life-changing decisions based on the results of what you hear. I think when you go searching for something eventually you will find it. I often wonder why people will date someone or marry someone that you have to do all of this detective work to stay involved with them.

If your husband is cheating on you and that is a personal boundary for you, then you should leave him. If you are going to stay with him there is no need to even bring this up. All of this following your husband for days does sound crazy. I don’t think anyone should go searching for anything they don’t want to find.

Hopefully, this will turn out to be a close friend that he is just helping out. Maybe he is driving for UBER or Lyft? He will probably lie about the situation so you will probably never know the complete truth but it sounds like your husband is living a double life.

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