If you have never made the trip to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame its a definite must for anyone who is a fan of music. Despite being the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame the museum is dedicated to most popular American music genres. Some of the previous honorees include N.W.A., a section dedicated to Hip Hop, and this year Janet Jackson will be inducted into the Hall of Fame by Janelle Monae.

The ceremony will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on March 29th. Details on performances have not been made public, but Def Leppard, Stevie Nicks, the Zombies and Roxy Music are all expected to perform. Thom Yorke has indicated that he will not be in attendance because a piano piece that he wrote is debuting at the Paris Philharmonic nine days after the event. Congrats to Janet Jackson she definitely deserves the honor.

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