Call it snitching, call it being a concerned citizen, call it whatever you want to call it, it's about to happen. Due to COVID-19 concerns, on Friday there will be an order in place that basically says you’ll have to wear masks indoors around other people until the curve is flattened. This starts on Friday, but it made think: how could this law be enforced without people telling on each other?

Currently there are no criminal penalties but I suspect that will change if people don’t comply. The law can’t be enforced without people telling on each other, so let me ask you — would you actually tell on someone for not following the social distancing order to wear a mask?

A survey was actually done where they ask people would they tell on someone and only 11% said they would call the cops. People have called the police on people for less. I suspect most of the people who took this survey were lying. The police will probably be overwhelmed with people telling on other people not wearing a mask. Let's do our own Capital Region Survey. Group chat with me on the Hot 991 App. Would you tell on someone not wearing a mask?

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