It seems like everyone is paying attention to politics and the general operation of our country and city.  From Donald Trump signing an executive order every other day, to Mayor Sheehan and Gov. Cuomo going back and forth about Albany's budget, we had to take it to the street and ask: "what unpractical approach could make the city of Albany a much better place?" Here are some of the responses I got that would actually work:

  • More Round Abouts- No More Red Lights and would probably make traffic flow a lot smoother all over Albany
  • Create an easy, app for all area taxi companies. An Uber monopoly is only slightly better than a taxi monopoly. We need competition.
  • Build The Skate Park That Was Promised Years Ago.
  • Build a Light Rail between Albany/Schenectady/Troy - This would make travel amongst the Tri-City a lot simpler and cut down on morning and afternoon traffic.
  • When it snows a lot, cover State Street with plowed snow, groom it, and let people use it as a tubing slope

What unpractical tactic could Albany take to improve for the community to make this a better place to live?

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