What was the legal age then? What will it be now?

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Did you know that, up until now, children as young as 14 years old were able to get married with parental consent in the state of New York? Well, that all changed yesterday when the State Assembly passed legislation now making the minimum age for marriage in the State of New York 17 years old.

After going through a round of amendments, the state Senate passed the law and sent it over to Governor Andrew Cuomo who was also in support of this bill. Cuomo finds it shocking that marriage is legal at such a young age and is in favor of raising the minimum age for marriage. “This administration championed ending this intolerable practice and I commend the Assembly and the Senate… it is a major step forwards that will protect children, prevent forced marriages, and create a safer, more just, New York for all” (Times Union).

The law has not officially been passed, but with the support from the majority of our New York legislators the law will come into effect soon. Although the minimum age for marriage will be raised to 17, judicial review and approval will be needed for minors to legally get married.

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