Today's Hot Topic comes from a woman who listens to the show and is caught up in an entanglement with a married man, and someone slipped up and told a family member. Who then turned around and contacted the married man. Here is what she wrote:

"Supreme I’m writing to you this afternoon because I need some help before I even write this I know I might get evil comments from the people that don’t know my whole story. That's just my little disclaimer, but I know there are some people that can relate to what I’m about to tell you.

My fiancé and I are in our early-mid 30s and the situation is very complicated. I’ve been dating him for about a year and a half, we work at the same company. I know you always say work relationships are a no-go but after we kick it off we have had a really “exciting” relationship.

The biggest problem with our relationship is that he is married. He said he wants a divorce and has plans on marrying me so he can be satisfied. He is his own man I didn’t suggest anything or make him love me But I’m in love also. This is the man of my dreams so much that I have actually started to plan our wedding. The only person who knows my man is married is my sister she also knows that he is only married because of financial reasons

I understand and respect that people fall out of love and I know divorce is a process with kids and property involved. My sister told a few relatives and someone contacted him. I’m still not sure who in my family made contact with him, I suspect it had to be my sister giving his number out or possibly her who contacted him. We are not speaking right now and that has caused a big problem in me and his relationship. He is thinking I told someone to call him but I have been nothing but understanding. He sent me a text today saying he doesn’t deal with messy females and why did I give his house number out?

I know if he leaves she’ll use that against him so I’m not sweating the process and would never do that. I’m so hurt and pissed because I didn’t and I never knew his house number. My sister did this on purpose I believe because she saw I was happy but I don’t know how to convince him my hands are clean in this mess. How do I approach him and I’m not losing money I already spent on the down payment for my wedding dress!

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Where do we start with this one? This lady is either really in love or delusional maybe a combination of both. I'm going to give it your raw and uncut this man doesn't plan on leaving his wife for you. If he did he wouldn't be upset and considering cutting you off because word got out that he was dating you for over a year. It seems like he is taking advantage of the naiveness of the situation.

The woman who wrote in didn't say how old she is but she has to be under the age of 25 to fall for this age-old cheaters trick. The fact that she actually put a down payment on a wedding dress just tells us how naive she is... This is literally like putting a down payment down on someone else's house that isn't for sale. Her family finding out is the least of her worries, her sister is obviously concerned. The man would take the necessary steps to get divorced before if he was genuine. The fact that they work together sounds like an appetite for destruction.

That's my personal opinion, what do you think? Let's discuss this afternoon run up the comments on facebook, send a message on the Hot 991 App and we will discuss this Hot Topic on The Supreme Experience this Afternoon. If you have Hot Topic you would like to discuss send an email

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